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k6k1For many women the mention of the word hair loss is a painful taboo. Hair loss and thinning hair can be detrimental to your self-image, and even affect your desire to socialize with friends and family. Many women will spend hours every day trying to hide their thinning hair or bald spots and still constantly worry about their appearance. If hair loss is affecting your life there is no reason to suffer any longer. Millions of women share your experience which is why the industry of female hair restoration has spent decades developing and reinventing a extensive variety of treatments with women’s comfort and confidence in mind.

Hair integration, hair duplication, and hair extensions are three of the most popular treatments for female hair loss. These methods have been fine tuned to perfection and the results can be absolutely life-changing. Using high quality all-natural European and Russian Remy hair you can have a full head of hair again. Imagine the freedom of being able to wake up, shampoo, swim, surf, and enjoy life with confidence without giving your hair a second thought.

The most important thing for to understand about hair loss is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. No amount of online research can equal the advice you can obtain from a specialist. Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego is a private and upscale hair loss clinic where you can find the perfect solution for your hair loss needs.

Serving San Diego for over 23 years and leading the industry for over 30. We provide our clientele with the most personalized and private experience possible. Women who have made the move and taken the first step and had their complimentary consultation are amazed with how easy the process is. Often their only regret is that they didn’t call sooner.

Hair Integration

Add 100% high end human hair with your own existing hair to achieve the density you desire.  (Read more)

Hair Extensions

Add length, body, and vibrancy with the highest quality Remy Hair extensions.  (Read more)

Hair Duplication

Hair loss can be devastating to your self-esteem. Get back your confidence with our unique hair duplication process.  (Read more)

Medical Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Hair loss resulting from health and medical conditions affect women and men of all ages and all skin and hair types.  (Read more)