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Pat is a National Springboard diving champion that had thinning hair on top.  His Videos explains his experience at Ultimate Hair after receiving a non-surgical Hair Restoration process and how after, he continued to be able to be involved in his active lifestyle and competitive in his Sport.


Tony’s testimonial includes his experience before and after his non surgical hair replacement.  After the Ultimate Hair Process, Tony was able to continue his active involvement in Surfing and Biking with a restored confidence.



Being in the Public eye for his occupation, Chris talks about how his hair loss was effecting his self-esteem.  Now with his Non Surgical Hair Restoration he is able to take off the Hat that he used to cover his thinning hair.


The Ultimate Difference!

With every one of our Hair restoration techniques, you will be able to shampoo, swim, surf, skydive, scuba dive, and relax with a head full of healthy, natural-looking hair.  Look younger, and enjoy your life more with your new found confidence.


The Ultimate Staff

At Ultimate Hair we provide the latest in hair restoration procedures in San Diego that are proven to enhance your appearance while using safe and effective methods. Our teams have over 175 years combined experience in providing top quality design and service for thinning hair or hair loss.


Virtual Imaging System

Get Immediate Results With Our state of the Art virtual imaging system.  Through our quick and easy process you will be able to see what you can look like with a fully restored head of hair.  After discussing your expectations, you will be presented with the best surgical or non surgical hair restoration options for your hair loss needs



After a heart transplant, Chuck had a deep tissue wound on the back of his head, where hair would not grow back.  Ultimate Hair provided a non surgical hair restoration for him and provides a variety of other medical hair loss solutions in San Diego.





Pats testimonial talks about his non detectable hair replacement from Ultimate Hair. The Natural look and comfortable feel of the hair restoration process has made pat feel 20 years younger.



Larry explains his past experience with other hair replacement companies, and the unique difference with his Ultimate Hair Restoration procedure.


The Ultimate Experience

A Variety of Ultimate Hair San Diego Hair Restoration and Hair Replacement clients share their experience with thinning hair, and Hair loss.