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If thinning hair has you down, and feeling or looking older than your years, now is the time to take action and turn back the hands of time.

At Ultimate Hair in San Diego we understand getting answers about hair loss, can be frustrating, especially with all the information stockpiled on the internet and TV. Most hair loss companies claim to have an answer, but only offer 1 hair loss solution or lotions and potions that claim to regrow your hair.

The truth is that everyone’s pattern of hair loss is different and Ultimate Hair offers every solution to fit your unique hair loss needs. Some Men would benefit from our variety of 100% effective, all natural hair restoration or hair replacement techniques. Others simply want to prevent their existing hair from thinning any further where some are candidates for surgical hair transplantation.

No matter what form of thinning hair or hair loss you have, it’s an ongoing process. Having the right information and an experienced hair loss solutions staff with over 170 total years’ experience restoring hair is a big step in getting you and your lifestyle back on track.

During your free and private consultation, you will meet with a licensed consultant to identify your individual hair loss needs and what options are best for you. (Read more)
Ultimate Hair Virtual Imaging System:
See yourself with hair again with our unique computerized virtual imaging system (Read more)
Non-Surgical Hair Restoration:
Get immediate results with our non-surgical hair restoration techniques using 100% high quality human hair. (Read more)
Surgical Hair Restoration:
Have your own growing hair with your very own single hair follicular unit transplantation (Read more)