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The Directors/Producers Views, Experiences and Positive outlook on Hair Restoration.

Before I get into the sheer amazement I have seen in the past 2 years of doing Video Production, Directing and editing for an amazing hair restoration company, let me introduce myself.

My name is Tim, and I own and operate Fourten Visuals Motion Pictures and video production in San Diego.   I have had the honor to do video commercials and web video for a Company called Ultimate Hair in San Diego over the past few years.   As Someone with thinning hair myself, I related with a lot of the issues, feelings and questions that go behind wanting to get your hair back to a fuller state.

I found myself astounded at the results not only for men, but for women also from Ultimate Hair.  Through Doing Video Testimonials I found that this is a life changing experience for a lot of people, and the enhancement of quality of life after the hair restoration or hair replacement procedures is one of the most amazing things I have ever encountered.  Not only does it give people their sense of confidence back, but everyone I encountered also goes back to being more active after the Ultimate Hair Restoration.  I have filmed these clients underwater, swimming, surfing, wake boarding and many other amazing things that we are lucky enough to be able to do on a daily basis here in Southern California.

On another note, all of the San Diego hair replacement Client testimonials, action shots, photos and lifestyle videos are all actual Ultimate Hair Clients from the San Diego Location.  After Watching Various Videos from other hair restoration companies, I was disappointed to see that all of them use actors, and most of the actors and procedures are NOT event their clients.   Not any of the Videos from the Other “So Called” Hair Restoration Companies do you see the actual client in real lifestyle situation and in the water.  Everything seems to be staged.  These Companies Include Hair Club For Men, Bosley Medical and Dermetex.   It seems to be that companies like that mislead you just to get you in and sign you up for something you may not even need and I know this for an absolute fact!

On that Note, one of the things I have seen at Ultimate Hair is the Amazing level of personal attention.  Everyone’s hair loss is different in one way or the other, and Ultimate Hair really takes the time to find out whats best for the client.  The Hair Restoration at Ultimate Hair is truly an amazing process and with their Virtual Imaging System, you can actually see what you would look like with a fully restored head of hair.  Ultimate Hair is truly an amazing company to work with, and what they do for peoples self esteem, confidence and overall lifestyle is incomprehensible.

If you are having problems with thinning hair, and just tired of seeing misleading information all over then internet, I suggest you make your first and last stop at Ultimate Hair In San Diego.  It will Change your life.

Here is a Video I did Recently for them and you really gotta check out the underwater and surfboard cam shots.   Enjoy.

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