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5 Hottest Summer Hair Trends

The sun shines through every window. Outside, the world seems to be illuminated by a soft, golden light. Kids are out of school, running and playing in the grass. The air is warm and welcoming. Weekends are punctuated with cold drinks and barbeques.

All signs point to summer, and the warmth and the sun shouldn’t overshadow your own beauty. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should rush out and spend your money on the most expensive, stylish outfits. Even the simplest of outfits can look elegant with the perfect hairstyle.

Summer hair trends are all about looking and feeling good in the sun. Here are five of the hottest hair trends for the summer.


Layered lengths with casual textures are the perfect complement to just about any summer hair style. Layers make for simple, low-maintenance looks. Add some subtle waves for a bit of volume and shape, or couple it with a loose ponytail. Even unstyled, layered hair provides an easy, natural look.

As important as hair accessories are, this season is about looking natural. Only use accessories to add some color and brightness to your hair, but remember that your summer hair looks best free-moving.

The Pixie Cut

Short hairstyles seem to be making quite a comeback (think Twiggy in her famous portrait), and what better time to do away with long, burdensome hair than the summer? The pixie cut is illustrated by short sides and a very slightly longer top and fringe with the top and sides flowing and blending perfectly together. The fringe length has changed over the years from shorter to slightly longer and is more a matter of personal preference.

The pixie crop can be styled in numerous ways, from messy to neatly combed and parted. Longer fringes can be casually swept to the side.

The shortness of the cut should be convenient for those hot summer days that offer the infrequent cool breeze. This hairstyle works with different textures and thicknesses of hair.

The Ponytail

Keeping the hair off your neck and away from your face can save you from discomfort and sweatiness. Tying your hair up into a ponytail will help with just that, but a normal ponytail can be a bit drab.

To add a little personality to your ponytail, make a high ponytail that shows off its base and gives your roots a lift. Tease the loose top section of your hair for a casual, free look. Go ahead and let those little wisps that don’t stay put frame your face.

Make use of hair bands and accessories to brighten up that ponytail and add a bit of color, but make sure to keep things nice and simple. For a more elegant look, wrap a piece of your ponytail around your hair band and secure it underneath with a bobby pin.

The Wave

Curly hair is always popular in the summer, but this year, it’s all about the waves. Use a small curling iron and work on large chunks of hair for larger, fuller spirals. Try to make the waves look as natural as possible. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, work some lightweight product through wet hair and simply scrunch it.

Wavy hair will give the perfect beach look and have enough volume to prevent your hair from being too suffocating. If you want to keep the hair out of your face, wrap or tie your hair with a silk scarf just behind your hairline. To make sure the scarf stays in place, knot it twice, once horizontally, once vertically. This will keep the scarf tight and the ends even.

The Bob

The key to this year’s hairstyles is revival and evolution, and nothing illustrates that better than the bob. What once began a century ago has now made a comeback. The short, straight hairstyle of the bob was originally a convenient hairstyle for women involved in war work but has since entered the style and fashion arenas.

The modern bob is a bit softer than the sharper bob cut of the 1920s and works especially well with a fringe. These days, the bob style has become much longer, and although it is at times messier than its initial incarnation, the bob can still look neat and straight without any harsh, sharp edges.

For the summer, a bob works well with a casual, textured wave to keep things interesting and varied. You also get the perfect beach-inspired look.

All Natural Extensions

Many women like to get their hair highlighted in the summer time to add that golden, sun-kissed, been-at-the-beach-all-weekend look. The downside: harsh chemicals. All natural hair extensions can add tonal variation and depth of color to your hair, not to mention extra thickness, and all without chemicals or root touch-ups. With natural hair extensions, you can still try almost any of the hairstyles listed above, too!


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